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Dungeon Saga

Dungeon Saga is a 28mm fantasy tabletop RPG for 2-5 players, produced by Mantic Games, and features a modular game system that allows for great replayability.


Set in the Kings Of War universe (also produced by Mantic Games), up to 5 heroes work together to accomplish scenarios within the module being played, set by the player acting as the Overlord, whom commands an army of monsters & traps to defeat or delay the heroes long enough for the game clock to run out.


Dungeon Saga is designed to be replayed, and uses a modular board system to represent the ruins that the party are questing through. A variety of different modules are available, each with their own monsters and threats, as well as heroes that may help the intrepid group of adventurers.


Grab your friends & your gear: evil stirs in the darkness, and great treasure lies waiting to be discovered!

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