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About Bushido

Bushido is an oriental 32mm scale fantasy skirmish for 2 players, produced by GCT Studios and features a deep tactical system centred around 4-8 models on average per side.


The Jwar Isles are a land of secrets, opportunity and mystery, where honour is sacrosanct. A place where heavily armoured samurai reckon with great rivals, sinister cultists, terrifying oni and organised criminal syndicates. The enigmatic life force known as Ki permeates everything: from the earth, sea & sky themselves to the smallest animal - those with the appropriate training may commune with the spirits that call the Isles their home, and tap into this energy to perform incredible feats of power or skill.


Both players field a force of unique models in fast-paced duels of wits and tactical ingenuity, while attempting to fulfil their battle objectives and denying the enemy theirs.


Bushido's melee combat features an intuitive system which allows players to decide (in secret!) how many of their model's dice pool to use on attack and/or defence in engagements. There is a degree of bluffing involved, as players counter-strategise, and then counter those counters, and so on in an exciting exchange of blows, but with a random element from dice to keep players on their toes.


With only a handful of exceptions, each model is their own unique force on the table, with distinct skills & backstory and cast in superb high quality metal that makes painting these models fun & easy.

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