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About Konflikt 47

Konflikt 47 is a 28mm scale Sci-fi Mass Battle tabletop miniature game for 1-2 players, designed by Clockwork Goblin Miniatures, and produced by both Warlord Games and Osprey Publishing. Konflikt 47 depicts a World War 2 era that not only continued past 1945 but started to go curiously sci-fi...


Inspired by Warlord's popular World War 2 tabletop game - Bolt Action, Konflikt 47 allows players to use their Bolt Action forces in a 1947 "Weird War" setting!


Desperate to gain an edge over each other, the warring countries scrambled to develop new weapons that would give them an advantage. Detonating nuclear weaponry opened strange portals emitting otherworldly signals, which gave rise to fantastic new technologies. From Tesla tanks, weaponised gravity emitters, robotic soldiers, mechanised walkers and animal/human soldier hybrid programs, the war was turned on it's head, battlelines have been re-drawn, and the future of the war changed forever...

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