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About Warpath

Warpath is a 28mm / 1:56 scale sci-fi mass battle tabletop game for 1-2 players, produced by Mantic Games, and scales up to full tactical squad based action


Warpath is the squad-based mass battle partner game to Deadzone's grid-based skirmish combat, and aside from larger vehicles, there is a lot of model cross-over between the systems!


In the far future, mankind has aggressively spread across the stars, driven forwards by false promises of peace & prosperity in the outer colonies. The GCPS (

Galactic Co-Prosperity Sphere) is a corporate juggernaut: seizing planets, draining them of resources and subjugating alien races wherever they can.

However an alien plague has emerged and is sweeping across civilised space consuming all life it encounters, turning it's victims into crazed mutant killing machines, and it's spread shows no sign of slowing down.


In a rushed attempt to staunch the spread of this Plague, the GCPS has created system-wide 'Deadzones' across the outer perimeter of it's territory where the Plague is found, as a sort of "firebreak" annexing whole star systems where the Plague is predicted to visit next. However in their rush to abandon compromised colonies, vast swaths of resources and manpower are often left behind, left to fend for themselves or unless they get lucky and rescue comes for them.


Opportunistic aliens and marauders find themselves caught in these "deadzones", and will take advantage of the GCPS retracting their grip, either for resources or their own secretive missions. At least until the Plague shows up and attempts to assimilate them too!

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