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About Star Wars: Legion

Star Wars Legion is a 32mm 'true scale' / 1:46 scale sci-fi mass battle tabletop model game for 1-2 players, Produced by Fantasy Flight Games, and features ground battles from the Galactic Civil War and Clone War era respectively.


The galaxy is no stranger to war. Countless battles fought across the span of it's history determining the fate of star systems across it's breadth by heroes on both sides, great and small.

From the daring Rebel raids on the shield generator protecting the Death Star 2, to the intense fighting across the plains of Geonosis as the Republic lays assault to the Separatist strongholds and kicked off the Clone Wars proper.


Enter those battlefields with Star Wars Legion with teams of talented foot soldiers and powerful repulsor vehicles as you re-live the battles that influenced the outcome of both the Galactic Civil war and the Clone Wars. High quality resin miniatures and an intuitive rules system makes Legion easy to pick up & play: with rules for Fog of War and others that simulate the chaos of battle.


Devise cunning new tactics, command your troops and field great heroes & villains in pitched battle, and claim victory for either the Light Side or the Dark Side!

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