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About Dropzone Commander

Dropfleet Commander is a 10mm / 1:30.5 scale sci-fi mass battle tabletop game for 1-2 players, originally designed & published by Hawk Wargames, now produced by Tabletop Combat, and places emphasis on rapid tactical repositioning in order to succeed


A ground-bound counterpart to Dropfleet Commander (also designed by Hawk Wargames and now since produced by Tabletop Combat), Dropzone Commander emphasises making fluid, adaptable tactical decisions, facilitated by the use of atmospheric dropships.

These dropships ferry the majority of units into battle: using their speed in the air to deploy and re-deploy units across the battlefield as the situation evolves, objectives are completed and opportunities arise. This flexibility means commanders must take the entire board into consideration, as threats may come from unexpected angles.


Dropzone Commander is designed to be balanced, fun and competitive. With a rich story line chronicling humanity's desperate struggle to reclaim their ancestral homes from an alien menace, and a diverse set of factions that cater to different playstyles: Dropzone Commander is easy to get into and play whatever level you are at.


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