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Dropfleet Commander - PHR

The PHR are a Dropfleet/Dropzone Commander faction, originally created by Hawk Wargames and now produced by Tabletop Combat, and brings brutal broadsides along with powerful bombers.


Originally humans who heeded the warning of an enigmatic alien sphere, the Post Human Republic have returned from their isolation a changed people. While only 3 billion-strong, their cybernetic enhancements make each individual the equal of several of anyone else outside the PHR's jurisdiction.


This is reflected in the way the PHR conduct war: heavy armour and cannons optimised to tandem-fire withering broadside barrages, or intense bombing from their advanced support craft give the PHR a multi-layered approach to fleet battles as they wade into the thick of it and grind the enemy down through attrition.


This is further backed up the fact the majority of PHR cruisers have a small hangar and a drone complement that make them more dangerous than their appearance may suggest.


PHR ships are named after mythical figures from Earth's ancient Greece, and their ships feature smooth, clean lines.


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