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Dropfleet Commander - The Resistance

The Resistance is a Dropfleet/Dropzone Commander faction, originally created by Hawk Wargames and now produced by Tabletop Combat, that emphasises large, powerful but unstable weaponry


When the Scourge invaded Earth and ousted humanity from it's ancestral system, there remained groups of fiercely dedicated humans who refused to be uprooted by the alien menace. Many ships blindly jumped to avoid certain death, but were ultimately left stranded in far-flung star systems.


Despite being left to fend for themselves, the Resistance managed to endure for over a century by themselves, without assistance from the newly formed UCM, with their abandonment being a sore spot between the two factions soothed over only by their common goals of bringing the Scourge to heel and eventually retaking Earth.


Much of the Resistance fleet is aged or scavenged, but thanks to the emphasis on heavy armour and weapons instead of ease of manufacture or repair, Resistance battleships, cruisers and frigates have withstood dozens of battles and still manage to come back for more.


No two ships are necessarily alike, as parts are added and removed in order to keep a ship space-worthy over it's long service history: ablative armour plating and high powered-but-unstable weaponry are the hallmark of a Resistance battle fleet.

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