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Judge Dredd

Judge Dredd is a 28mm scale sci-fi skirmish tabletop miniature game for 1-2 players, produced by Warlord Games and is officially licensed by Rebellion / 2000AD Comics!


Enter the post-apocalyptic world that Mega-City One is set in, and engage in fast-paced skirmishes between the myriad mutants and criminals that lurk amongst the population, and the indomitable Judges holding back the darkness of anarchy with a ruthless adherence to The Law, a heavy boot and a high calibre pistol (or stick it to the Judges!).


Building upon the Strontium Dog rules, Judge Dredd expands upon those rules to better reflect combat in an urban environment. And with Warlord's own resin recipe allowing them to cram even more detail into the miniatures produced for the Judge Dredd miniature game, the game is both easy to pick up and play!

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