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Infinity - Nomads

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Originally a way for the dominant Earth governments of the time to dispose of their unwanted criminals and ner'do'wells by launching them into space on giant colony ships, these disparate cultures and personalities learned to co-operate, and eventually thrived in the space between worlds.


Nomads learned to "make do" with what they had to hand and make good use of drones, and experienced hackers that guide them in dizzying displays of tactical prowess that addle and divide their enemies.


The Nomad starter pack is a great way to start collecting a Nomad army.


Starter packs for their Sectorials are also available from Goblin Gaming:

Jurisdictional Command of Bakunin (Religious zealots, ethically dubious science and brilliant engineers)
Corregidor Jurisdictional Command (Good balance of power and flexibility)

Tunguska Jurisdictional Command (Home To The Nomad's best Info-war experts)

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