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Warhammer 40k - Chaos Knights

Chaos Knights / Questor Traitoris are a Chaos sub-faction in Warhammer 40k, produced by Games Workshop, and represent Imperial Knight pilots and their machines that succumbed to violence and ambition of the Ruinous Powers.

Imperial Knight houses are beacons of chivalrous might, where Renegade Knight ones are quite the opposite: amalgams of hate and conquest held together by a mutual hatred of their Imperial counterparts, lust for combat and heretical pacts with dark powers. Some knights date back to the Horus Heresy where they were corrupted to the dark gods and joined Horus and his traitor legions in fighting the Imperium, their tortured frames brimming with daemonic power as potent as they are ancient.

While Chaos Knights frequently rub shoulders with the Chaos Space Marine legions as battle-crazed mercenaries, they are not always beholden to a Chaos Lord. Some pledge allegiance to the Dark Mechanicum, daemonic forces or their own twisted sense of honour.

Chaos Knights are fast, hyper-aggressive and excel at short and medium ranges. While their warped hulls grant them unnatural durability and power in order to pursue their campaign of bloodshed and mayhem.

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