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Warhammer 40k - Death Guard

Death Guard is a sub-faction inside the Warhammer 40k Heretic Astartes / Chaos Space Marines faction and distinguishes themselves with weapons and rules unique to them.

A legion notorious for its use of biological and chemical warfare even before they were mutated by the embrace of Nurgle, the Death Guard in Warhammer 40,000 are bloated with disease and ‘blessed’ with corpulent bodies. Swollen with the gift of pestilence & decay, yet this seems to grant them a terrifying resilience to damage from all but the most devastating attacks. Blubber, mucous, newly formed diseased flesh and other unmentionable substances plugging wounds as soon as they are cleaved.

 A Death Guard army is extremely durable. Their disgustingly resilient bodies are a layer of armour unto themselves, which means removing their warriors from the battlefield may be an uphill struggle for your opponent. Their vehicles are dangerous even in death as they detonate violently in a shower of hideous substances.

Mortarion the Primarch of the Deathguard leads his legion throughout the Galaxy still, blessed with the powers of the God of Death and Decay, he has become a winged angel of corruption. Reaping souls for his God with his Giant Scythe, a true avatar of Death.

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