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Warhammer 40k - Deathwatch

The Deathwatch / Alien Hunters are an Inquisitorial militant group comprised of Warhammer 40k Adeptus Astartes / Space Marines, and distinguish themselves with weapons and rules unique to them.

Deathwatch marines are carefully handpicked from the many different Adeptus Astartes chapters throughout the galaxy for their expertise and talent in combating Xenos (alien races of the Galaxy). Due to the incredible alien threat the Imperium faces, the Deathwatch are equipped with some of the best gear the Imperium can provide.

It is a rare honour for a marine to be selected for service, as only the most elite warriors are permitted into the Deathwatch. These marines are given the option to return to their chapter after a time, though many choose to stay on, for it is their sacred task to stand sentinel against the numerous depraved Xenos craving humanity’s ruin.

A Deathwatch army is an elite force with access to a wide variety of powerful weapons and specialised tactics designed to thwart threats as they develop. While they are most effective against aliens, the Deathwatch are still formidable warriors of the Imperium, and the bite of their deadly frag cannons are just as strong against the forces of Chaos as it is against their preferred targets.

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