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Warhammer 40k - Eldar Harlequins

Harlequins are an Aeldari Xenos faction in Warhammer 40k, produced by Games Workshop, and use a combination of incredible speed, lethal weaponry and misdirection to behead a numerically superior force

Followers of the Eldar God Cegorach, also known as the Laughing God or ‘Great Harlequin’, these Eldar hold no true loyalty to the Craftworlds, Drukhari or Exodite colonies, though they are welcome as a neutral party by them wherever they travel, including on the battlefield. Easily identified by their ornate masks, bright colours, dizzying armour patterns and an acrobatic agility that few Eldar can hope to match.

Guardians and custodians of the legendary Black Library, a forbidden archive of ancient Eldar knowledge, prophecy and the horrifying mysteries that their people have witnessed in their immense existence of their civilisation. These enigmatic aliens are part performative storytellers, part warrior. A mysterious group even by Eldar standards, the Harlequins bridge the racial gap between the separated Eldar factions, as anonymous storytellers of past glories. But they see no distinction between art and war and so combine the two into a tapestry of unmitigated violence and spectacle.

An Eldar Harlequin army is blindingly fast and is capable of inflicting significant damage up close. Many of them possess invulnerable saves that when combined with their speed and confounding powers, can be more durable than they otherwise appear.


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