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Warhammer 40k - Orks

Orks are a Xenos faction in Warhammer 40k, produced by Games Workshop, and overwhelm their opponents with a tidal wave of melee weapons and bullets from cobbled-together guns

Among the most feared Xenos races in the galaxy. Tenacious, savage and addicted to the loud noises, speed and violence that only fighting and war can provide. The Greenskins multiply rapidly via the shedding of fungal spores, forming an enormous wave of violence that swallows whole planets in it’s fervor.

Orks live and breathe the act of fighting (and winning). Constant exposure to combat causes them to grow in size, strength and intelligence. In a society where might makes right, the biggest Orks are always the ones in charge. As a clan grows in size, a Warboss may rise from the fractious rabble and whip a sector’s Ork population into a crusade of violence known as a “Waaagh!”

An Ork army is an archetypal horde army. Known as the Green Tide, they are capable of putting vast quantities of bodies and high-speed vehicles on the field that crash into the enemy line with all the force and grace of an enormous cannonball.

Utterly fearless when they group into mobs, and brutally effective in melee, an Ork Army wants to get up close quickly and has both the speed and numbers to get there.

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