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Warhammer 40k - Tyranids

Tyranids are a Xenos faction in Warhammer 40k, produced by Games Workshop, and use large quantities of biological weapons and ammunition to overwhelm their prey

An extra-galactic threat possessed of an insatiable appetite for biomass and a tremendous intelligence that defies imagining, the Tyranids swim through the distance between stars consuming organic matter like enormous space-faring locusts.

Arranged in a collective not dissimilar to eusocial insects, each Hive Fleet is guided by a monstrous psychic will that turns the Tyranids from a rabble of ravening predators to a cohesive force uncaring of neither pain or mercy. The very presence of this psychic network in a star system can smother astropathic communication, effectively preventing an unsuspecting planetary population or fleet from calling for help when the Tyranids literally darken their skies with combat-ready organisms.

Tyranids are best known for the leader beasts that guide and corral the rest of their forces; acting as generals & lieutenants on behalf of their queen by psychically relaying it’s orders during battle. This aura of psychic dominance spurs lesser Tyranids on, over broken ground and even against hopeless odds.

A Tyranid army possesses a great deal of customisation to suit most strategies. From units that can potentially move enormous distances each turn, to large tunnelling creatures and hulking gun beasts. Most of the Tyranid’s ranged weaponry are also ‘assault’ weapons, which combines with the numerous movement buffs available to them to make an aggressive army.

Tyranid psykers draw their power from the sheer residual psychic might of the Hive Fleet itself, the same force that may disrupt the powers and minds of non-Tyranid psykers that dare attempt to manifest these powers within the shadow of the warp.

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