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America/Japan Behemoth

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About This Product

Supplier TT Combat
Code TTDZX-UCM-031
Type Model


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1 UCM America / Japan Behemoth Pack contains:


61 Resin pieces to assemble 1 America OR 1 Japan behemoth


UCM Behemoths are colossal armoured walkers and one of the most destructive vehicles available to the UCM. Each of the Behemoth’s Railguns are as tall as an apartment block and can obliterate smaller vehicles with ease.

The UCM Behemoth comes complete with two different weapon loadouts. With a set of Gatling Cannons for “small arms” fire, the main focus of the UCM Behemoth is it’s devastatingly large weaponry.


The America is equipped with a pair of UMH-1 Mass Drivers, similar to the Mass Drivers found on smaller UCM tanks but at a much larger scale. To compliment these gargantuan guns, the America also comes with Missile Batteries capable of spreading high powered devastation over a wide area.

The Japan trades the Mass Drivers for a pair of UMH-9 Stormcrow Cannons. These massive rotary cannons spew projectiles at an alarming rate, capable of taking down buildings and vehicles with ease. Paired with the Stormcrow Cannons are a set of Heavy Munitions Hailfire, powerful anti-Behemoth missiles that also excel at laying waste to scores of lesser vehicles.


Supplied unpainted & unassembled