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Blackstone Fortress Core Starter Set -

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About This Product

Supplier Games Workshop
Code 60010699015
Type Box Set


Buy Cheap Warhammer 40k Warhammer Quest Standalone Games Now, Get 15% Off RRP! Same Day Dispatch In Stock Orders! Free UK Delivery Over £75! Royal Mail 24 Service Standard

1 Warhammer Quest: Blackstone Fortress box set contains:

  • 44 Brand new push-fit plastic Citadel miniatures
  • All the rules, tokens, dice and cards necessary for play
  • For 1-5 Players

Blackstone Fortresses are ancient space-borne stations from a time before the rise of humanity.

Exceptionally rare, gargantuan in scale, and at times, weapons of mass destruction; the discovery of a Blackstone fortress is both cause for celebration and an ominous discovery, that attracts would-be adventurers like moths to a flame.

The dark, cold corridors hide innumerable treasures that would make any Rogue Trader wealthy beyond their wildest dreams. But they may also hide eldritch horrors better left alone & forgotten. This does little to deter the brave (or perhaps, foolish) from chancing the byzantine passages of the fortress in search of salvation or glory.

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