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Jain Zar - Eldar Craftworlds

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Supplier Games Workshop
Code 99120104063
Type Model


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1 Craftworlds Jain Zar box set contains:

  • 1 Multi-part plastic Jain Zar, the Storm Of Silence
  • 1 x Citadel 32mm round base

Jain Zar: also known as the 'Storm Of Silence' in the low gothic language used by the Imperium.

Among the first of the Eldar Craftworld Phoenix Lords, dedicated disciple of Asurmen's teachings, and a famed swordmaiden known for her speed and ferocity.

Devoted to the path of the warrior and the aspect of the Banshee, Jain Zar travels the webway teaching her deadly craft to all but the most remote Craftworlds, her unmatched skill in close combat and mastery over the use of her infamous Banshee Warcry helmet are emulated by other warrior shrines far and wide.

The cry emitted by Jain Zar's unique mask is powerful enough to strike her enemies down before her blades reach them, and for those who survive this psychosonic assault will bear the full brunt of her legendary martial skill, glaive arcing gracefully as her spear finds it's mark with blurring speed.

Supplied unpainted & unassembled

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