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Wraithknight - Craftsworlds Eldar - Warhammer 40k - 99120104046



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Supplier Games Workshop
Code 99120104046
Type Model

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  • The Craftworld Eldar Wraithknight is almost 9" tall at its highest point at the top of the Warp vanes

There are a variety of different armaments available to this kit:

  • Its left arm can be equipped with either a wraithcannon or a scattershield
  • The right arm has a choice of wraithcannon, ghostglaive or suncannon
  • There are two of each of the following secondary weapons: shuriken cannon, a scatter laser and a starcannon, These are shoulder mounted and can be taken in any combination
  • This multi-part plastic kit contains 114 components and an Eldar Transfer Sheet with which to make one Eldar Wraithknight

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