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Kharadron Overlords Skyriggers

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Supplier Games Workshop
Code 99120205053
Type Miniatures


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The Kharadron Overlords Skyriggers box set contains enough components to assemble either 3 Skywardens or 3 Endrinriggers
  • Mizzenmaster, Custodian and special weapon options mean no two units need be the same. The new flying bases feature adjustable angles - these guys can be made to look super dynamic

  • The Skyriggers box can be used to build either the Endriggers or Skywardens

  • The Endringers are skilled at maintaining and repairing airships. They will support you during battle as they fix damage while flying around the sky-fleet

  • The Skywardens are Arkanauts who enter battle with their very own aether-endrins. They will be an excellent addition to your fleet if you're looking for some close-combat action ahead of your fleets arrival

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