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Necromunda: Goliath Stimmers & Forgeborn

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About This Product

Supplier Games Workshop
Code 99120599018
Type Miniatures


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Rules for using the Goliath Stimmers and Goliath Forge-born in games of Necromunda can be found in Necromunda: House of Chains.

1 Necromunda: House Goliath Stimmers & Forgeborn pack contains:

112 Plastic components

  • 2 Goliath Stimmers
  • 4 Goliath Forgeb-born

  • 2 Necromunda 40mm round bases
  • 4 Necromunda 25mm round bases

Stimmers are fully inducted members of House Goliath, addicted to growth and combat stimms, and aspire to the peak physical performance that the Goliaths revere so strongly. While Forge-born are prospects undergoing various trials and tasks to prove themselves worthy of the House's time and resources. As such, Forge-born undertake many hazardous jobs, and will do just about anything to prove their worth.

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