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Supplier Games Workshop
Code 99129915051
Type Model


Buy Cheap Daemons Of Khorne Models Now, Get 22% Discount Off RRP - UK Royal Mail 24 Delivery Available At Checkout - Same Day Dispatch In Stock Orders - Real Time Stock Levels

1 Daemons Of Khorne Skulltaker box set contains:

  • 1 Multi-part plastic Skulltaker, champion of Khorne

Precious few bloodletters can claim to of reaped as many skulls and spilled as much blood in Khorne's name as the daemon known as Skulltaker.

Appearing suddenly before fortresses and armies and bellowing challenges for their greatest warriors to face him, before claiming their skulls for his patron deity. The lesser warriors that attempt to assail him are brutally cut down with nary a second thought, until Skulltaker has claimed every last skull worthy of his attention.

Skulltaker can also be found leading cohorts of other bloodletters, enflaming their competitive nature and bid to outdo one another in their slaughter tally.

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