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Dropzone Commander - UCM

The UCM is a Dropfleet/Dropzone Commander faction, originally created by Hawk Wargames and now produced by Tabletop Combat, that boasts strong air power and powerful blast weaponry.


Formed in the wake of the alien Scourge's invasion and domination of humanity's cradle worlds and colonies, the United Colonies of Mankind are a 20 billion-strong group of humans who are devoted to the task of retaking their old homes from the enemy.


Having shed much of humanity's old bureaucracy and obsession with creating unwieldly vehicles and ships which were more status symbol than practical, the UCM's arsenal is sharp, utilitarian and efficient.



The UCM armoury emphasises function over form: their basic tanks are single-crew vehicles designed to easily pack into dropships, while their aircraft provide rapid, potent support to their artillery batteries raining a barrage of explosive fire from above.


The UCM has few glaring weaknesses and reacts well to developing situations on the battlefield.

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