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Warhammer 40k - Chaos Daemons

Daemons are a Chaos faction that has significant unit cross-over between Warhammer 40k and Age Of Sigmar, produced by Games Workshop and represent the hostile servants of the Chaos Gods from an annihilating dimension boiling a shadow’s width away from our reality.

Daemons are fragments of warp energy; formed by a mix of intense emotion, accidental faith from mortals and fuelled by the tumultuous tides of their nightmare realm. Existing in the Immaterium they are forever ready to breach into reality to enact death and destruction in reverence of their patron deity.

A Chaos daemon army is comprised of 1 or more God’s respective servants. Unconventionally durable: they barely follow the laws of reality, armour saves are rare, where invulnerable saves are extremely common. As creatures of the warp, Chaos Daemons boast their own psychic powers, and the 4 major Chaos Gods approach combat in distinct ways:

Khorne daemons are among the most dangerous melee combatants, most dangerous when charging directly into battle, eager to spill blood and take skulls for their deity.

Tzeentch daemons are saturated with warping magic, making them unpredictable. They bring more ranged options and potent psychic might than other daemons.

Nurgle daemons may be slow but are well suited to attrition warfare thanks to their ability to shrug off damage. They spread their patron deities plague and decay with gruesome weapons coated in virulent toxins.

Slaanesh daemons are fast, often the first to the punch and have no shortage of debilitating special rules across their unit selection to torment their victims with pleasure and pain.

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