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Warhammer 40k - Necrons

Necrons are a Xenos faction in Warhammer 40k, produced by Games Workshop, and use powerful infantry recursion to grind their enemy down, while their ancient weaponry dismantles their forces

An unbelievably ancient race whose history is fraught with hardship, war, indentured servitude and betrayal. Tricked into abandoning their flesh, the Necrontyr inhabited cold metal bodies, becoming slaves to the cosmic star-devouring horrors known as the C’tan. The scale of the wars they waged under their masters, and later against them, had unintended consequences that forced them into a precautionary slumber spanning over 60 million years.

Slowly Awakening in the 41st millennium to find their old empires overrun and their ancient foes rife across the galaxy, the Necron Phaerons that once dominated entire star systems on a whim are mustering their ancient armies from their slumber. Masters of dimensional warfare and wielding weapons that cut their enemies into their atomic components, nothing short of total annihilation will suffice for the lesser races now squatting within their ancient domains.

A Necron army’s most prominent feature is the ability for it’s infantry squads to potentially return to the battle each turn, as long as the squad they are part of is still active on the table.

Good toughness, armour and ability to recover from casualties, combined with their relics and dynasty codes come together to make a durable army that can take a hit and (literally) keep coming back for more.

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