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Warhammer 40k - T'au Empire

Tau / T’au Empire are a Xenos faction in Warhammer 40k, produced by Games Workshop, and use a combination of distinct, interchangeable tactics and sophisticated ranged weapon systems to destroy their enemies.

A relatively young race to the political table in the 41st millennium, The Tau’s origins are shrouded in mystery due to their meteoric rise from a primitive tribal race to a star-spanning empire over a few millennia. The T’au follow a philosophy known as “The Greater Good”, which drives a never-ending frenzy of diplomatic expansionism and technological innovation. Their empire may be young, but their industrious zeal has allowed them to expand their borders at an astonishing pace and compete with their adversaries across the stars.

A T’au Empire army is an archetypal gun line army. Point for point, few armies do massed ranged firepower better than them.

High tech drones, marker lights, powerful & varied selection of ranged weaponry and units capable of flight make charging a Tau gun line a daunting prospect.

Meanwhile allied mercenary races that serve the Empire directly fulfill specialised niches their forces are lacking in. Strengthening their armed forces with valuable close combat orientated units like the Kroot to act as a vanguard to protect the ranged speciality of the T’au.

T’au are largely unaware of the Warp’s true nature and lack the spark required to channel psychic powers.

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