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Collect: Two brand new armies (Death Guard & Primaris Space Marines)

Build: Stunning, single-pose multi-part plastic Citadel miniatures.

Paint: No Chapter icons on the miniatures - choose whichever Space Marine Chapter you want to paint!

Play: Everything you need to play with the contents of this set is included in the box.

Contains everything you need to play Warhammer 40,000:

53 brand-new multi-part plastic Citadel Miniatures
A 280 page hardback 40k Book
a 24 page Death Guard Book
a 24 page Primaris Book
a 8 page Core Rules Booklet
Colour assembly guide for all the miniatures
12 red D6 dice
12" range ruler
decal sheet for the Primaris Space Marines, including iconography for Ultramarines, Blood Angles, Dark Angels, Space Wolves.

Product reviews (10)

Alex Rawlins 18-07-2017 10:06

Best price I could find on the net, really happy customer.

milki sk 14-07-2017 07:28

+Very nice product.
+Plenty of bangs for the buck.
+Ultra detailed minis
+Books, Dice, Ruler, Stickers

-Some tiny parts on sprue came bent since its all paced to tiny space
-Some parts could be split to more parts, because process of molding does not allow to model behind stuff, so you can find huge not curved leg behind curtain of some nurgle soldiers
-Guide show you that you will need around 50 different colors to paint
-Could include codex for some marines they gave insignias (ultras, wolves, dark ang., nurgle...)

Mike K 10-07-2017 21:54

This box is good value from games workshop, better value from goblin gaming. Great miniatures, say what you will about the story behind these miniatures but can't fault the models.

Dean Brannan 10-07-2017 20:46

Dark imperium is a great starting package if your new to warhammer 40,000 and has 2 starter armies(chaos and space marine) included with it, if bought separately these alone would cost double of the boxed set.

You also get the rule book, data books for each faction, building instructions, dice and a range ruler.

Conn 09-07-2017 13:09

Lots of models for a good price, the rule book is big and well made and the box set is packaged nicely.

Alexander Gammans 05-07-2017 14:57

I love the packaging, the artwork and overall feel and presentation of the set. Superb detailing on the miniatures as well. Have come back to the game after a 20 year absence. The Goblin Gaming price was a bonus.

WK 01-07-2017 13:45

Great product. Loads for the money!!!!!

Mr Dearlove 30-06-2017 21:10

What can you say a boy that this, amazing box set, amazing price, well done guys

Victoria Scott 30-06-2017 07:29

Amazing product and quick delivery. 10/10 +

Mark Chandler 28-06-2017 22:20

Excellent value and a great way to enjoy the new edition

4.9 stars based on 10 reviews
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