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A Song Of Ice & Fire - Free Folk

House Lannister are a faction in the A Song Of Ice & Fire miniatures Game, licensed from the works of George R.R Martin, produced by Cool Mini Or Not, and excel through use of their tactics deck.


The uncivilised Northmen from beyond the Wall that the Night's Watch is charged to defend. Hailing from the frigid North and surviving through their dogged determination, the Free Folk raid & loot whatever they can find, especially if it involves Southern land!


The Free Folk do not really have a dedicated standing army, and instead arrange into warbands that either wield bone clubs, spears, bows and generally whatever armour or weapons they can scavenge from recent battlefields.

Focusing on hordes of barbarians and mobility through their tactics deck, the Free Folk can easily surround & overwhelm units that leave themselves open to attack, while giants act as an effective terror weapon that can scatter enemy shieldwalls with their bulk.


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