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About Star Wars: X-Wing

Star Wars X-Wing is 1/270 sci-fi mass battle tabletop model game for 1-2 players, Produced by Fantasy Flight Games, and features high speed tactical space battles from the Galactic Civil WarClone War and First Order eras respectively.


Grab your flight helmet and prepare to suit up! Star Wars X-Wing is a high speed duel between some of Star War's most iconic starfighters from the Galactic Civil War, Clone Wars, and First Order eras!


Nimble X-wings dip & dodge as they duel with TIE fighters and mercenary pilots ply both sides for their own profit. Pilots struggle to outmanoeuvre their opponents while protecting their six, and take aim with a decisive volley of laser fire or munitions in order to cripple the target in front of them.


Starfighters are constantly in motion and there's sometimes no telling where your adversary will turn next! Perform daring manoeuvres to get behind your target, but take care where you are going as collisions can be devastating for your squadron!


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