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Warpath - GCPS

The GCPS are a faction in Warpath/Deadzone, Produced by Mantic Games and are one of humanity's largest star-spanning corporate super powers.


Riding along on a neverending wave of colonial expansion throughout space, the Galactic Co-Prosperity Sphere expands it's tendrils far and wide, squeezing resources from new planets it discovers and bullying less developed races into submission.


The only thing that keeps their public facing side in check is an uneasy truce between a collection of alien races that they are unable to push around, but this does little to dissuade the GCPS from aggressively pushing both scientific knowledge and mankind's growing dominion over the stars. Despite cordoning off star systems caught in the Plague's path, the GCPS maintain outposts in strategic areas of interest, though their true nature is a closely guarded secret. Sometimes the solitude is exactly what they wanted all along...


The GCPS makes extensive use of it's own private marine security detail in order to enforce their will across worlds. Primarily mechanised infantry accustomed to getting in, cracking skulls and getting out in addition to providing vital security detail for their more clandestine interests within the Deadzones.


The corporate branch of the GCPS security force are well trained and well equipped. Special weapons teams provide their stalwart marines with a healthy supply of weapons capable of suppressing/pinning enemy squads.

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