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Warpath - Plague

The Plague are a faction in Warpath/Deadzone, Produced by Mantic Games and are an implacable gestalt hivemind of mutants that consumes all life it encounters


The appearance of the Plague on the galactic map was sudden and brutal, and is one of the greatest threats to sentient life in the galaxy.


Whether it evolved naturally or is artificial is not clear, though it is linked to artefacts of alien origin, of which their purpose remains a mystery. But one thing is clear: the Plague mutates rapidly, is not picky who it infects, and it's existence radically affected how the GCPS is managed. As well as being solely responsible for the desperate containment protocols that have crippled numerous planets throughout the Deadzone, though to what avail remains uncertain.


Despite their grotesque, bestial appearance, there is a glint of intelligence behind the glossy eyes of those the disease infects. Lesser Plague creatures flock together in large herds of gnashing teeth, clubbing limbs and guns still on the victim's person. Larger examples may swell to the size of combat walkers, and appear to guide the smaller Plague creatures in battle; wading through enemy fire as if it were a summer rain shower and mauling whatever is unfortunate enough to be in their feral sights.


The Plague collects into hordes of infected individuals, relying on a combination of crushing numbers and durable beasts to present a fast moving melee army. Thanks to the Plague's nature, some victims may retain vague memories of how to operate heavy weaponry, such as Striders or assault rifles, complementing the surging charge of their close combat kin and bringing some ranged power to the Plague.

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