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Games Workshop Blood Bowl: Dark Elf Team Cards (EN)

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1 Blood Bowl Dark Elf Team Cards pack contains:



Reference cards for Linemen, Runners, Blitzers, Assassins and Witch Elves


Reference cards for the following Star Players: Asperon Thorn, Mordrix Hex, Eldril Sidewinder, Elijah Doom, Horkon Heartripper, Hubris Rakarth, Kiroth Krakeneye, Roxanna Darknail, and Morg 'n' Thorg;


A special Golden Era Star Player card for using the legendary Jeremiah Kool in your games


The following blank cards that you can use to create your own players: 7 Linemen, 3 Runners, 3 Assassins, 5 Blitzers, 3 Witch Elves


A team roster card, with match record on the reverse


3 Benefits of Training cards: Boot Camp, Having a Nightmare, Lock-step


3 Dirty Tricks cards: Sideline Interference, Press Manipulation, Flash Bang


The most important card: a card explaining how to use the other cards.






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