Goblin pirates - Freebooter's Fate

Nobody took much notice of them while they were the Empire’s small, green, harmless and inconspicuous slave people. But then an Orc taught them how to fight and they threw off the yoke of slavery. By now everybody knows to watch out for the Goblin Pirates. Most recently, they conquered one of Longfall’s outlying districts and declared this “Goblinopolis”, the capital of their goblin nation.

They used to be small, green-grey and mostly harmless – humanity’s slaves. But then a civil war and an orc foundling came along and with them the goblins’ big opportunity. Today, the Goblin Pirates are a formidable faction with their own quarter in Longfall which they dubbed “Goblinopolis”.

Goblins are cowardly and usually a bit on the weak side – which explains the large proportion of peg legs in their crews – but at least their courage is bolstered by the proximity of other goblins. On the other hand, they can be hired for comparatively small amounts of gold, which is why you’re always going to encounter Goblin Pirates in large groups. They just feel a lot more inclined to stick around despite flying lead and big nasty people wanting to give them a good drubbing, if there are a bunch of their mates around. But they do not place their faith in weight of numbers alone. They are highly inventive, particularly if the aim is to blow up stuff or opponents. Bombs, rolled powder barrels, harpoon pistols, and, of course, the notorious paddle of doom – Goblins fight with anything fun and noisy.


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