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Doctor Who

Doctor Who (Into The Time Vortex) is a 38mm / 1:8 scale sci-fi tabletop game for 1-2 players, produced by Warlord Games, and faithfully recreates some of the Doctor's most iconic iterations and adversaries.


Officially approved by the BBC, Into The Time Vortex and the Exterminate! Board game draw on over 50 years of Doctor Who inspiration to create high quality models that are faithful to the source material and provide collectors with showcase quality models.


Featuring a blend of pewter characters and plastic troopers, these models draw on the rich lore and beloved history of the BBC's longest running sci-fi series. From the Doctor's many regenerations, to his allies and foes throughout time: Warlord Games tirelessly researches both old and new Doctor Who episodes to create incredible collectable models that capture the heart and minds of Doctor Who fans everywhere.


Note: these models are supplied unpainted, some assembly may be required!

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