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Warpath - Asterians

The Asterians are a faction in Warpath/Deadzone, Produced by Mantic Games and are a highly advanced race of aliens that make heavy use of robotic proxies to interact with the galaxy's other denizens.


Considered aloof and inscrutable, the Asterians prefer to interact with other races as little as possible. The Forge Fathers permit some trade with others, but the Asterians have no need or desire to interact with others, and regard humanity as unruly children.


This disdain extends to warfare and violence, which led to the development of sophisticated combat proxies with superior speed, strength and durability, while bringing the skill of their remote pilots to the fore without risk of injury.


Remarkably few people could ever claim to of seen an Asterian in person, and their purpose in the Deadzone is unclear. Though they seem to be often encountered where the Plague is active, or artifacts that herald it's spread are found. Appearing from nowhere, striking quickly and decisively before vanishing as quickly as they came: the Asterians refuse to openly interact with others, and tolerate no interference.


The Asterians are a strong ranged army, and thanks to their robotic proxies, they are not terrible in melee combat either. The Kalyshi bring a more melee focussed unit, while Cyphers lay down withering covering fire.

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